Top 10 Agile Blogs

Below are ten of my favorite Agile blogs — they’re not in any particular order, but are just numbered for ease.

1. Mike Cottmeyer’s blog at Leading Agile

I have used several of Mike’s posts as starting points for discussions with clients in scaling Agile; they are especially helpful in providing language to develop a shared understanding.

The blog includes posts from all of Leading Agile’s experts, so I’ve found this categories page to be a useful bookmark when I’m trying to remember a particular post I’ve previously read.

2. Succeeding With Agile — Mike Cohn’s blog

Mike’s blog is a must-read especially if you’re working with Scrum. Just about every post reveals Mike’s expertise and extensive real-world experience.

3. All About Agile by Kelly Waters

An excellent resource for up-to-date Agile information. I have previously referenced Kelly’s posts on Scrum implementation for more than one client.

4. Lean Essays by Mary Poppendieck

From one of most remarkable thinkers and writers about Lean principles and other Agile methodologies. Not the most frequently updated blog, but contains a wealth of knowledge!

5. Fun Retrospectives

This site contains about a 100 activities that can be incorporated into not only retrospectives, as the name implies, but also in other ceremonies or any related meetings. Browse through the provided activities for inspiration to develop your own activities or select one for immediate use.

6. Agile Management Blog from Version One

Given the range of authors posting here, you’re bound to find something to help with an existing issue you’re facing or inspiration for further learning. The categories listing on the right is quite helpful!

7. The Agile Blog from Rally Dev

A number of thought-provoking posters are accessible through Rally Dev’s blog. Despite the URL, many of the blog posts are quite useful whether or not you are using their software in your projects.

8. Coaching Agile Teams — by Lyssa Adkins

From the author of my favorite book, this blog isn’t the most frequently updated, but is a must read for coaches. There are some really amazing posts in the archives, so set aside some time to browse and be inspired!

9. Thoughts on Agile Coaching by Rachel Davies

The author of “Agile Coaching”, Rachel’s strong opinions on Scrum, Agile and Coaching are always intriguing. I don’t always agree with her conclusions but appreciate the challenging perspective and her wealth of experience in Agile coaching.

10. Payton Consulting

Not sure if this series of articles counts as a blog, but since I’ve found the information to be quite valuable, I’m including it in. I highly recommend bookmarking this site; I especially loved the series on user story development.

One of the best places to discover new (to you) Agile blogs is the 100 of the best Agile blogs by Luis Gonçalves


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