Why Agile Xtended?

Choosing a blog name feels quite a bit more momentous than I had anticipated — probably more due to a ridiculous swarm of butterflies in my throat at the prospect of having a public blog.

After working with the various Agile methodologies for nearly a decade in the
private sector, I transitioned to the government sector. I knew it would be a more challenging environment for Agile transformations and it has been, but there is something infinitely satisfying about making even the smallest improvement in this space.

One of the realizations has been that the Scrum/Kanban processes that were so effective in my previous environments leave some major gaps in this more complex setting.

In my experience, we’re having to create additional supporting processes to enable Agile to deliver value in this environment.

For example, the usual technique of teaching the development of effective user stories isn’t enough in the federal space. Writing good user stories requires that product owners understand and own the vision; instead for too many federal projects, we’re usually starting out with thousands of requirements with no value determined and no ownership. So we’ve created a variation of value mapping to help convert requirements into Agile backlog.

Anyway, so all these processes are designed to support and extend the Agile methodologies, hence the name AgileXtended.


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